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There are no upcoming events at the moment.

- Reviving the Sunnah of Moon Sighting

As the holy month of Ramadan 1432 is very near, this workshop will discuss when and where the moon may be reliably sighted to start/end the lunar month and also how to revive the Sunnah of Moon Sighting in the UK, Insha-Allah.

All brothers welcome, specially the Ulama, Imams and Mosque Committee Members and Alim Course Students for discussions and questions/answers. Language: English.

Guest Speakers

Shaykh Sulayman Gani (Imam, Tooting Islamic Centre, London)
Maulana Farid Patel (Researcher in Islamic Astronomy, London)
Eng Qamar Uddin (York Astronomical Society, York)
Members of Wifaqul Ulama (Prominent Scholars will be present for Q&A session)

Date: Saturday 9 July 2011
Time: 1:30 PM (Zuhr) - 3.30 PM
Venue: Central Jamme Mosque, 18a Waylen Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7UR

Mufti Muhammad Numan Miah, Tel: 07882 790719 (Mobile)
Muhammad Shahjahan Miah, Tel: 07786 256926 (Mobile)

Moon Sighting Workshop Moon Sighting Workshop

Fundraising Dinner

We held an exclusive Fundraiser Dinner on 8 May 2011 where we have managed to raise an incredible £67,365 including pledges and Karz-e-Hasana! We were just £2,635 short of our £70k target! Jazaak Allah Khair to everyone for their donations and time. More than £55k has already been paid up. If you have not yet paid or would like to add a further donation, please come and see us in person. Remember we can also donate online at all times!

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