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We are in urgent need of £180,000 + £70,000 Qardan Hasana. Please donate generously!

Mosque Re-development

We are currently undergoing a major re-development project at an estimated cost of £750,000. We still need more funds to complete the project and our current shortfall is approximately £180,000 + £70,000 Qardan Hasana.

The development is planned to be completed in three stages.

Stage 1

Development of the basement, which will provide 11 wudhu spaces, 5 toilets, and a shower room. Full facilities for Janazah/mortuary including cold room, plant room, etc.

Stage 2

Development of the front area of both 18 and 18a Waylen Street. This will provide 3 classrooms/meeting rooms, disabled toilets, main office, kitchen, library and the Imam's room. This area will also have a separate womens section which will consist of a prayer area, wudhu spaces, and toilets.

Stage 3

Development of the present mosque and adjacent spaces to a two-story building with a gallery-type first floor. Insha Allah we shall have enough space for more than 700 people to pray in congregation.

Costs Incurred To Date

Description Amount
Main hall soil inspection (J. M. Lych Builder) £2,350.00
Fire alarm system (T. Shah) £6,500.00
Architects £13,950.00
Structure engineers £5,678.05
J. S. Builders £173,620.62
Wudhu seats and troughs (E A Fabrication Ltd) £2,622.00
Boiler, ventilation system and mortuary cooling system (H & I) £40,550.00
Basement tiles and floor £10,968.68
British Gas - gas insulation £2,751.98
Thames Water - insulation £1,124.47
Under floor heating (basement) £2,012.07
Sanitary facilities £1,295.75
Tiles (grout, edging, etc) £669.40
Hand dryers £511.00
Extra building work (floor) £312.00
Building Regulation (Reading Borough Council) £1,315.00
M E (Ellis Associates) £2,250.00
Wiring for pump £206.74
Steel works supply (Kingsway Stairs Ltd) £16,500.00

J. S. Builders (for steelwork)




Karz-e-Hasana outstanding £42,000.00
Cash in bank £17,162.62

The Karz-e-Hasana and cash in bank balances are as on 14 February 2008.

For more detailed information on any of the expenses listed above, please contact Khalqur Rahman, Treasurer of the BAGR, on 07877 220866

Additional funds urgently required

As you can see from the above information that we still require a large sum to cover the completion cost of the development project. "Whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah builds for him a mansion in Jannah" (Al-Hadith, Sahih Bukhari). Please donate online today and be part of a noble cause.

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